Are you to blame for the failure of your partners to cross-sell you to their client contacts? Not necessarily, but you could be part of the problem. Clients select lawyers they know, like and trust. Referral sources, including your partners, send you clients for the same reason. Since they know, like and trust you, they

Have you ever had a bad experience that totally turned you off to ever returning to a store, restaurant, auto mechanic, or whatever.  I have to admit that that has happened to me.  But, have you ever been turned off to a WHOLE city because of an unpleasant incident at its airport?

Patrick Lamb tells

If you haven’t figured it out by now… my focus the past few posts is, planning for 2012. Yes, I want you to focus… focus… focus! And I’m not about to let up anytime soon! Why? Because I believe PLANNING is critical to business development success. (Actually, any success… no matter what the endeavor.)


Even if you can’t hire a Chief Value Officer, appoint yourself to the position and start thinking seriously about providing value to clients.

This week we asked: Do you need a Chief Value Officer?

1) Yes, I bet it would be helpful – 29%

2) No, we provide great value already – 28%

3) Possibly