Have you ever had a bad experience that totally turned you off to ever returning to a store, restaurant, auto mechanic, or whatever.  I have to admit that that has happened to me.  But, have you ever been turned off to a WHOLE city because of an unpleasant incident at its airport?

Patrick Lamb tells a great story on his In Search of Perfect Client Service blog about a women on a cell phone loudly telling a friend about her encounter with TSA.  Lamb was trapped in the conversation since they were both boarding a flight at the time.  Her complaint was that “[t}hey were disrespectful and rude.” (Yes, Patrick, the irony gave me a good chuckle), and because of that she was never coming back to Chicago.  One incident and she was blowing off a whole city.  Like Chicago? That wonderful town!  I’m sure they will miss her terribly.

Of course, in light of the name of Lamb’s blog, his post was indeed really about client service.  And he is right in pointing out that presumably one bad incident, by anyone connected to your law firm, involving a client could seriously jeopardize your relationship, not to mention follow-on work.

Bad client service is really bad marketing.