Today I was talking to my friend and colleague Aviva Cuyler at JD Supra, we are collaborating on several projects. Why? Because I think they are outstanding at what they do. I think my clients can achieve great business development results by using them AND they are a pleasure to work with. If I sound like a Raving Fan… that’s because… I am!

Raving Fans  was the 1990’s bible on customer service and can be even more important today because with the power of the internet, one can spread the word like wild fire. Imagine how different your practice would be if you had ten more Raving Fans. Just ten. Ten people who’s mission was to tell the world about you. Those ten people would tell ten people, and those would tell ten more, and so on and so on.

Is it possible in the legal world? Of course it is! It’s about being remarkable at what you do AND during the process your client is DELIGHTED. I should add, that they can be delighted even if the final results you were looking for were not achieved… it’s about their experience.

However, that is not how it generally goes. It’s more like… do a good job and hope clients tell their friends and colleagues.

So, ask yourself… which one are you? Are you good or remarkable? Are your clients satisfied or delighted?

As a raving fan of JD Supra, I can tell you they are remarkable and I am delighted… so ten of you please tell ten others and so on and so on…