If you don’t know you’re not paying attention. Further, you probably are not communicating with them often enough.

Since communications is the biggest problem in all phases of life, it can result in disaster in business. Corporate America is constantly talking to consumers in one form or another, and always assessing their markets.  It should

Travel… isn’t it great? Conferences. You get to travel, it’s a business expense, maybe you learn something and maybe you make some contacts. Does this describe your conference going experience? This week I was working with a client that is getting ready to go to a trade conference in Copenhagen. I have been to Copenhagen many

No one sells you to new clients better than existing ones. When you generate a culture of strong relationships you lay the groundwork for a word-of-mouth army.

As I mentioned on Tuesday, this year in marketing is looking to be about trust. But once you’ve built that trust it’s time to spread the word. Make