New York City Mayor Ed Koch was well-known for asking a single question, whether speaking to audiences at public gatherings or to reporters, “How’m I doin’?”

June is the middle of the year and a good time to review how you are doing with your Marketing activities.

Conduct a quick audit. Consider how much time

When it comes to determining the ROI of your digital marketing, it can be difficult to truly understand where a lead came from. Even if your website converted that lead, that person had to come from somewhere first.

One tool that has proven invaluable in making this easier is the UTM parameter. This article will

For many influencers, success on social media is determined by how many likes, comments, shares, and follows they receive from their posts. For businesses in the fashion, food, or tech space, engagement and virality are also very important when determining their success. But…

You, as a law firm, should NEVER expect to go viral on

When it comes to an effective social media strategy for small businesses, many marketing gurus will tell you that engagement is the name of the game. The more likes, comments, and shares you get, the more successful your presence will be.

For law firms, that isn’t true. This is the ONLY area where legal marketing

If you’re in the marketing world, you should always be testing something. The best marketers are the ones who enjoy split-testing their campaigns over and over again. However, it takes a different mindset from other business activities because marketing revolves around failure.

In most cases, you’d like to avoid failure, right? Too many failures and

You’d think marketing was pretty easy, right? You broadcast your message to the world about how you help, and the ones that need the help start showing up. If only it were that simple.

Truthfully, marketing and law are pretty similar in the sense that you would likely never recommend someone handle their legal issue

That may sound strange coming from a guy who earns his living helping lawyers publish their book, but I believe it with all my heart. 

In today’s overcrowded marketplace, being seen as “the expert” by having your own book is a given. The question is not, “Should I have a book?” (You definitely should.)  The

If you have a website for your firm—and if you don’t, stop reading this right now and go get one!—you’ve likely gotten some sales emails from companies claiming your website is too slow and at risk of penalty from Google.

That’s BS.

Second, these sorts of sales emails tend to work on people because they

Your law firm’s website is a valuable marketing tool. It’s your digital business card, your digital office space, and the first impression your firm makes with the vast majority of people who seek you out.

While the main goal of your website should be that it communicates who you are and how you help your