I can’t tell you how many lawyers tell me that they would like to work on business development… but they don’t have time. I don’t buy it! When they say they don’t have time, what they are really saying is they don’t have the commitment. And they are saying they don’t have time… without knowing

Effective business development requires several elements working together cohesively, and one of them is a strong brand. Last week I was working with a client on the question… is it time to re-brand? How do you know? It will be obvious when you know the competitive landscape.

I believe a good first step is to

 As lawyers your stock in trade is the written word… in the eyes of the law. That is your training. However when it comes to marketing and business development it doesn’t always come so easily. We have to view the information from the point of view of the audience. When I do it I close

 Today someone asked me if my seminar was going to be on marketing or business development and I thought how odd to make the distinction. To me marketing IS business development. Yes, there may be those among you that would say marketing is running an ad or sending a newsletter and business development is giving

This week begins the mad rush that takes hold just before the end of the year. But between the holiday parties and family dinners there’s still work to do. In fact, the marketing and business development planning that you do in the next few weeks can set the tone for 2011 and beyond. That’s why

Taking risks is always an integral part of achieving great success. Whether it’s narrowing your client base or simply re-branding your firm, doing something new can often be a little scary. One of the things I’ve found to cause the most anxiety in my attorneys when it comes to marketing and business development risks is