As lawyers your stock in trade is the written word… in the eyes of the law. That is your training. However when it comes to marketing and business development it doesn’t always come so easily. We have to view the information from the point of view of the audience. When I do it I close my eyes and imagine that I am Jane Smith or John Doe and try to imagine what questions they would have when they read this information. Sometime it’s a big… HUH! 

Elevator Speech – Have you ever told an acquaintance what area of the law that you practice and they look at you like you are from another planet? Your elevator speech… in no more that 50 words (which is about 30 seconds) needs to RELATE to the life of the person you are talking to… answer the "what’s in it for me" question.

Websites – Are there people that go to your website and STILL don’t know what you do and didn’t see the articles posted or the button that takes them to your blog? It’s usually because we organized it by the information WE WANT them to know… not by the information THEY WANT to know. 

Clear communication is one of the most difficult challenges we humans have… just ask your significant other! Without it life is chaotic and business is impossible to develop.