I can’t tell you how many lawyers tell me that they would like to work on business development… but they don’t have time. I don’t buy it! When they say they don’t have time, what they are really saying is they don’t have the commitment. And they are saying they don’t have time… without knowing what kind of time it requires.

As you know by now, my mantra is… DO SOMETHING EVERY SINGLE DAY! Yes, every single day. It should be like brushing your teeth… we do it without thinking about it and it’s a habit. Five or ten minutes are all it takes on most days. That would be a phone call, an email, a hand written note or making a list of five prospects you would like to meet and who can introduce you to them. And on other days you might meet a referral source for lunch… that may take an hour… but you have to eat don’t you?

Do you see why I don’t buy, "I DON’T HAVE TIME?" 

So where do you stand? Are you in the camp of no time, no commitment, no results?

Well it doesn’t have to be that way. Make the commitment TODAY! If you make the commitment – I guarantee you that you WILL see results. Just the act of focus will make a big difference.  When your focus is on business development you will start seeing many things you can do, and the more you do the more opportunities show up. Make it fun and make it a habit!