Today someone asked me if my seminar was going to be on marketing or business development and I thought how odd to make the distinction. To me marketing IS business development. Yes, there may be those among you that would say marketing is running an ad or sending a newsletter and business development is giving speeches and good client relations. Well… that may be true however in reality they are one in the same. You tell me, are these marketing or business development? 

1. The art of building client relationships that build trust – do you follow up; are you truly accessible; ultimately are your clients so satisfied that they will refer you business?

2. Defining your niche – You can’t be everything to all people; when a practice area is mentioned do your referral sources immediately think of you or are you a "jack-of-all-trades" so they never think of you?

3. Learning never ends – What skills do you want to invest in that will make you more attractive to potential clients and referral sources; such as; being a "certified expert"… that tells them that you are a "cut above" the rest.

4. How to use articles and speeches to build your credibility and visibility – it is not a one time activity it is a focused strategy that builds over time; become known for the knowledge and skills you have; articles and speeches SHOW your knowledge and skills in a way that no ad could ever do.

“A rose by any other name…”

These are business development skills that create a solid foundation for a lawyer’s practice. In this new economy every lawyer is faced with the responsibility to bring in new clients and growing the ones they have… these are no longer "optional" skills… no matter what you call it!