This week begins the mad rush that takes hold just before the end of the year. But between the holiday parties and family dinners there’s still work to do. In fact, the marketing and business development planning that you do in the next few weeks can set the tone for 2011 and beyond. That’s why starting next week we’ll abandon our usual poll-bases posts to focus on what, when and how to get ready for the coming year—from a marketing and business development perspective. A few things we’ll cover?

• Evolving—or creating—your marketing plan
• Perfecting your elevator speech
• Evaluating and tweaking the initiatives that you started in 2010
• Rethinking your memberships
• Evaluating and reworking your blog
• Setting goals for social media
• Setting marketing and business development goals for 2011

So have a wonderful holiday and come back next Tuesday. We’ve got work to do!