Find a niche… easier said than done, right?

Usually when I mention finding a niche, most lawyers’ push back. They generally explain how they don’t want to miss this kind of case or that kind of case. Their practice areas list looks like that of a firm of 10 lawyers. How can you possibly market such a list? How can potential clients and referring attorneys remember what you do? Will they think of you when any of those practice areas are mentioned? Probably not!  If your list is a practice group with a long list of sub practice areas… that works. However if your list is: criminal defense, real estate closings and business transactions… that’s another story.Continue Reading Legal Business Development: Find A Niche

This week begins the mad rush that takes hold just before the end of the year. But between the holiday parties and family dinners there’s still work to do. In fact, the marketing and business development planning that you do in the next few weeks can set the tone for 2011 and beyond. That’s why

Recently I’ve been working with a client whose company prides itself on the idea of being “seamless.” In their case it means bringing together various aspects and teams within a project, but in the world of marketing it can be just as powerful an idea. Many times we compartmentalize our marketing efforts: the brochure, the

Not everything always goes according to plan. Sometimes you have to change your vision to see results.

This week we asked: What’s the greatest lesson you’ve learned from a marketing mentor or consultant?

1. The importance of a marketing and business development plan – 52%

2. New ways about thinking about networking – 0%


Want to make the most of your business development time? Enlist some help in the form of your marketing director.

This week we asked: Does your law firm have a dedicated marketing or business development professional? 

Yes – 68%

No – 18%

No, but we are considering hiring one – 14%

My Thoughts: It