When it comes to legal marketing the name of the game is visibility and credibility. There is no better place for you to be than the first page of Google…

The Question of the week was: When you Google your name… of the ten links on the first page… what percentage are yours?


  1. 0-20% – 67%
  2. 30-40% – 28%
  3. 50-60% – 4%
  4. 70-80% – 0%
  5. 90-100% – 1%

My Thoughts: 67% of you have less than 2 links on the first page of Google… NOT GOOD! Owning your name on Google’s first page is an extremely important asset to have, since we have all become very impatient when we are searching… if we can’t find things INSTANTLY we move on. So, we have to make it as EASY as possible for people to find us. And that does NOT mean via all those useless directories that don’t  have your information complete or accurate. YOU need to drive this information… your credibility is at stake.

If you are fortunate enough to have a very unusual name you don’t have to work as hard as Dan Harris, who posted a comment on Tuesday’s blog post. He has the exact same name as an ABC News Reporter/ Anchor. Dan I Googled you and found three links on the first page. Good for you, you have found a crack, and have proven that it CAN be done. Articles can be the hammer you use to break through even more.

As I like to tell my clients: 50 articles online makes you a prolific writer, 50 articles online about international law makes you an expert. Also look closely at WHERE you are posting. Sites like JD Supra are great since they cater exclusively to the legal profession and can lead to referrals. In addition, they feature their authors in their newsletters, which is added exposure.

Here’s some advice from Bud Clarke of Clarke, Silverglate & Campbell:

Publish articles in specialty publications likely to be read by people who can refer you business. Then make sure those publications are referenced and easily accessible on your website.

Black Pearl: Do you want to own your name on Google as I have done? Then I have a gift for you… my E-Book "Be A Celebrity In Your Own World" and it’s FREE for you to download. It’s a quick read… 10 minutes and It details my four step strategy.