Being realistic, not all marketing and business development efforts will be great success stories. For every fantastic client landed there will always be one that chose your competition and for every great article sent to a colleague there will be one or two that slipped through the cracks. The key is to always be aware

This week begins the mad rush that takes hold just before the end of the year. But between the holiday parties and family dinners there’s still work to do. In fact, the marketing and business development planning that you do in the next few weeks can set the tone for 2011 and beyond. That’s why

Getting together for the Holidays is at the core of what the Holidays are all about. They are about connecting and supporting one another. As we move into 2010, let’s hold on to that thought…

 While fostering a legal marketing habit can often be a solo activity, there’s no better inspiration than enlisting the help

Our question of the week was: Where do you stand when it comes to your marketing and business development strategy?


  1. I have a plan and review it on a monthly basis. – 20%
  2. I have a plan and review it on a quarterly basis. – 0%
  3. I have a plan but haven’t looked at