There are over 6 million lawyers on the planet. So how are you going to stand out and get business? How will you get the kind of clients you like working with, the kind of cases you like working on and the kind of business that affords you and your family a secure lifestyle?

Be the master of your own destiny, whether you work in a large, a mid-size or a small firm. Business development must be in YOUR hands. Build your own book of business and you will have control and security. Without it you are vulnerable to firm politics and circumstances.

Seth Godin writes…

Beggars can’t be Choosers! If you’d rather be a chooser, enter a market or a transaction where you have something to trade, something of value and something to offer that’s difficult to get everywhere else.

If all you have is the desire to get picked, that’s not sufficient.

This is certainly relevant to many in the legal profession. How many of you are… just waiting to get picked? Make 2013 the year you take your destiny into your own hands and demonstrate what sets YOU apart from other lawyers in your practice area. Show your points of differentiation. Then you can choose your clients and choose the work you want. This isn’t easy, but every day that you procrastinate will leave you further and further behind. Get started NOW and make 2013 a great year!