Increasing referrals is one of the fastest ways to grow your revenue. One metric on your dashboard should be: “# of Referrals this month.” But asking for referrals can feel awkward if not done properly. Here’s a way to make asking for, and receiving, referrals easier for everyone. 

Having a book is one of the most versatile marketing assets you will ever create. It’s a powerful lead generation magnet as well as a tremendous tool for multiplying referrals. We teach our clients many referral marketing strategies; here are two of the most powerful ways to use your book to gain more referrals.

  1. Client Scripting

Asking for referrals should be an integral part of your marketing strategy (and a KPI). As you work with a client through the process of solving their legal issues, when have you decided to ask for referrals? The other question you must ask is, how specifically do you ask your clients for referrals? Unfortunately, many lawyers feel strange asking for referrals from their clients. It can be awkward to get into this conversation with your client, and it can feel “forced” for them to bring up this conversation with their friends. Learning how to script your client referral conversation makes this so much easier.

When you are working with a client, and they are happy with you and your service simply ask, “Would you do me a favor?” 

Since they are happy with you, they will respond with “Yes.” Then you say, “As you are talking with your friends and coworkers about how we are helping you, would you do me a favor and give them a copy of my book and say, (now hand them a copy of your book and say), “This is the person whose helping me with my legal issue. They’ve been very good to work with. You should read their book.” That’s it. 

Now what just happened? 

First, you made certain they were happy with you. Next, you asked them a simple question. Third, you put into context when you would want them to share a copy your book and with whom. And forth, you gave them a very simple script that they can use.

This simple approach removes all the negatives of asking clients for referrals. It is a proven, powerful, and very productive strategy that you can use to gain referrals using your book.

  1. Professional Peers

Another referral strategy is to work with professional peers in your community. These are people who can refer their clients to you when they need your service. The script for your professional peer is similar to the script you will use with your clients. Just make minor adjustments for their situation. 

Your professional peers should have copies of your book in their lobby, as well as behind the front desk and in their office. Instead of them handing out your business card when they need to refer a client to you, give them a script and have them hand their client a copy of your book. 

By following these two very simple strategies, you will increase the number of referrals you receive from both your clients and your professional peers. Imagine if every client you work with referred just one person to you. And what if you had a network of a dozen professional peers who each referred 3 to 4 clients every year to you. What would that do for your business?

Creating a referral strategy is one of the most strategic, and profitable, ways to grow your business by using your book. Use the script above and make it yours. Then use it with your next client and share it with your professional peers. The next time you look at your Dashboard you’ll see your referrals – and your revenue – both increasing. 

If you need help crafting your script or creating your book, find a time for us to have a conversation at