Let’s be honest. On a day-to-day basis how much time do you really spend thinking about the experience your client is having? Probably not a lot. Sure, you’re thinking about how YOUR office is interacting with them, but rarely do we stop and ask THEM how we can be better. And we should. What got

The more you know about your client and their business the more you are able to help them in ways that neither of you can see if you don’t. I’m NOT talking about their legal matter, I’m talking about the operation of their business, their customers, their strategy and business plans. As well as personnel

The question we are considering is: How many clients do you give something for free?


  1. None – 25%
  2. Less than 5% of my clients – 12%
  3. 6- 25% of my clients – 13%
  4. 26 – 50% of my clients – 25%
  5. More than 50% of my clients – 25%

Thanks to everyone