Last month I did a post on Facebook’s Business (actual name is Fan) page. I referred to a post by Tom O’Leary in which he made some good points about why people should keep an eye on the developments at Facebook. He suggested setting up a profile on the social media site. His thinking, as

Continuing on the subject of trust… let’s be honest: You can’t trust what you don’t see. And in the age of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, face-to-face contact sets you apart and builds… yep, trust. Are you more likely to refer business to a LinkedIn contact or the person you had breakfast with last week? That’s

If you’ve been following this blog for the past year and a half, you probably know that I am constantly handing out ideas for simple (but impactful) initiatives. In an effort to help you get a jump start on 2011’s planning, I’ve decided to take this week to revisit some important initiatives and re-link to

Although I’ve been on Facebook for awhile, I can’t say that I have been a big fan. In fact, when it comes to social media, I’ve been in favor of LinkedIn over Facebook for businesses, especially law firms. That may be changing. If you are not already on Facebook, I suggest you go ahead and

By now most of us are at least minimal participants in both of these social networking behemoths—but are we making the most of our presence?

This week we asked: Have you ever brought in business from a social networking site?

1) Yes, from friends on Facebook. – 15%

2) Yes, from colleagues on LinkedIn. –

By now I would guess over half of you have seen “The Social Network,” a movie (for those not aware of it) about the creation and subsequent evolution of the phenomenon known as Facebook. I would also guess that more than half of you have personal Facebook pages, mostly used for keeping in touch with

Marketers are always looking for new and innovative ways to create business development opportunities. But what advice should we reconsider?

This week we asked: How long have you been following legal marketing trends and ideas?

1, More than 5 years – 32%

2. 4-5 years – 0%

3. 1-3 years – 9%

4. Less than

Whether you have an in-house marketing professional to help and guide you or not, it’s never a bad idea to look around at what others are doing and suggesting. Finding a marketing mentor is easier than ever these days—social media outlets such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter give us a direct method of communication with

Whether it’s a blog or Twitter page, make sure your presence online is a true extension of the personal brand that you’re working to build.

The question this week was: My social media is a [fill in the blank] representation of my personal brand:

Great – 20%
Good – 40%
So-so – 0%
Weak –