Whether it’s a blog or Twitter page, make sure your presence online is a true extension of the personal brand that you’re working to build.

The question this week was: My social media is a [fill in the blank] representation of my personal brand:

Great – 20%
Good – 40%
So-so – 0%
Weak – 0%
Nonexistent – 40%

My Thoughts: Kudos to those of you who have already recognized the importance of seeing your personal brand reflected in your social media. For the 40% of you, today is the day to rethink what goes out into the world.

As I’ve mentioned before (many, many times!) everything that you do should bear the stamp of your personal branding. Think about the market you have decided to focus on and tailor your online presence to attract them. What does your LinkedIn say about you? Does your firm have a LinkedIn page? If you tweet, what does your Twitter page look like? Does your picture reflect your visual brand? Is your logo clear and recognizeable? Are your tweets geared at drawing in the clients you want? Create a filter in your mind for everything you write and make sure your topics and tweets fit that criteria before you post them.

Now let’s talk about blogs. Look around at mine. It’s very clearly branded with my signature black. Even the title reflects my brand—both in the “black and white” and the meaning behind it. I give simple, straightforward advice; black is my signature color. That’s a personal brand. Content is the same idea… stick to what your target audience wants to know and don’t get off track.

As my colleague Glenn Callison of Munsch Hardt Kopf & Harr says:

Keeping everybody on message is what our culture is all about.  It’s very easy to throw marketing dollars at a variety of events and social functions.  However, trying to pull it together so there is a consistent message to build brand identity… that’s the real challenge."

Black Pearl: Twitter power by Joel Comm is a great book about the power of social media.  It’s a great way for those new to Twitter (and even those already using it!) to truly understand how to make the most of their time online.