Throughout the year I try to find Black Pearls, informative resources, that I can pass on to my readers. As I mentioned on Tuesday, here are a few I thought were not only incredibly important to creating and maintaining initiatives, but interesting as well. Enjoy!

Blogs—“Start a blog to grow your practice,” Kevin O’Keefe

Twitter—“Twitter Power,” by Joel Comm

LinkedIn and Facebook—“LinkedIn Group versus Facebook Group,” via Search Engine Journal

Article Posting—“Be A Celebrity in Your Own World,” by Paula Black

Client Service—“Flip the Funnel,” by Joseph Jaffe

Referrals—“Missed Opportunities: Not Asking Clients for Referrals,” by Donna Erickson

And more:

Find A Niche"Discover, and Market, Your Niche Law Practice" by Ann Macaulay

Looking Outside the Law"What Bruce Springsteen Can Teach Lawyers about Law Firm Marketing" by Elizabeth Ferris

Your Brand "Make the Logo Bigger: 10 Rebranding Disasters" by Bianca Male

Video"The Lawyer’s Video Studio"

Attitude"If you need to, got to or have to- You won’t" by Cordell Parvin

Email and Newsletter"5 Reasons Why No One Is Reading Your Email Newsletter" by Sean D’Souza