If you’ve been following this blog for the past year and a half, you probably know that I am constantly handing out ideas for simple (but impactful) initiatives. In an effort to help you get a jump start on 2011’s planning, I’ve decided to take this week to revisit some important initiatives and re-link to some of the best Black Pearls from 2010. So go over the list below and see what you’ve implemented and what you need to get moving on. On Thursday I’ll post links to some of my favorite resources for each one…

Blogs—a fantastic way to increase visibility and credibility
Twitter—build relationships with industry insiders, colleagues and media
LinkedIn and Facebook—see who you’re connected to…and who they’re connected to!
Article Posting—great for building a strong internet presence (and a great marketing tool for potential clients)
Client Service—an important, and often forgotten, piece of business development
Referrals—other attorneys, your friends and family…they’re all strong sources of business

What have you implemented this year and what will you focus on in 2011? It’s time to start thinking.


Black Pearl: When it comes to Marketing and Business Development I can’t say it enough…Do Something Every Single Day. "Create A Marketing Habit"…that is the foundation of success.