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I Should Ask for Referrals and Testimonials? You’re Kidding, Right??

Posted in Marketing Tips, Prospecting for Clients

I’m not. However, I realize that many lawyers are uncomfortable – actually many people are – asking for referrals. It gets worse when one suggests that lawyers should ask for testimonials. Both are important for business development however. It’s instant credibility. If a client or former client or even just a contact suggests that someone… Continue Reading

Two Key Words for Increased Success

Posted in Marketing Tips

How often do you forget to say “Thank You?” Personally, I stand guilty of this omission occasionally myself. Okay, okay, I know it’s hard to believe, but it does happen. Roy Ginsburg had a post on Attorney at Work awhile back where he talks about mistakes made by job seekers’ in failing to thank the… Continue Reading

Why Your Partner Won’t Cross-Sell You!

Posted in Marketing Tips

After 25-plus years in marketing lawyers, it continues to amaze me that some lawyers do not understand why cross-selling so often doesn’t work.  The thinking seems to go, “I’m good at… (fill in the blank), we’re partners, and they should just refer ‘their’ clients to me so I’ll have more work.” The question is “why… Continue Reading

Listen More to Give (and Get) More Referrals

Posted in Marketing Tips

Most lawyers understand the referral adage "give to get." It’s pretty simple really. If you refer potential business to others, most will refer work in return, if for no other reason than they’ll feel an obligation to do so. Not everyone does, but most will. Unfortunately, many of us are regularly guilty of not proactively… Continue Reading

Simple Referral Tips

Posted in Marketing Tips

Usually, I don’t post about articles that are only available by subscription, since most readers are not going to sign up and pay to see the article. However, a recent one on LawyersUSA Online gave some pretty simple steps to increase referrals, and I thought they were worth mentioning. The five pretty basic tips include:… Continue Reading

Why Marketing to Referral Sources is Important

Posted in Marketing Tips

Referrals from clients or other sources accounts for at least 70% and 80% of new business for lawyers. I say that because three referral gurus say so, and based on my personal experience when I was an in-house marketer at two different law firms. Accordingly, it makes sense to market to referral sources on a… Continue Reading

Getting More Referrals in the New Year

Posted in Marketing Tips

Okay, the holidays are over. Time to focus on business. And the best source of new business is from existing clients (either in the form of new matters or referrals), and other referral sources. I have talked about this several times before. But don’t just take my word for it. Paula Black had a post… Continue Reading

Implement a Referral Thank You System

Posted in Marketing Tips

During coaching sessions I always ask clients “did you thank (so and so) for that referral you just mentioned?” Sometimes the response is “oh yeah, I need to do that.” Thanking referral sources should not be something you have to remember to do. It should be automatic. Best if you have a system in place… Continue Reading

Use “We” vs. “I” In Asking For Referrals

Posted in Marketing Tips

In my early lawyering days as an assistant attorney general in North Carolina, I had the privilege of having one of the best, most efficient secretaries possible. (I even tried to get her fiancée a job in town, so they wouldn’t move out of state after the wedding. He “suggested” nicely that I mind my… Continue Reading

Are You Being Served?

Posted in Marketing Tips

More importantly, are you serving others. I have always gotten a kick out of the British TV comedy by that name. My mother-in-law still watches it every chance she gets. If you want a laugh, check out some episodes on YouTube. I thought about that show when I saw Thom Singer’s recent post on Some… Continue Reading

Referral System: Check Back With Those You Referred

Posted in Marketing Tips

Every lawyer should have a good referral system in place, since at least 71% of new work comes from referrals, as mentioned in an earlier post. As that post noted, “giving vs. getting” is a very important element of any system. And every lawyer should check to insure his/her outgoing referral – whether to another… Continue Reading

Important Tips From Three Referral Gurus

Posted in Marketing Tips

Focusing on prospects in a down economy – or any economy for that matter – is far down my list of suggested marketing priorities. On a scale of 1 to 10, I’d rank it a 15. Business development activities should be focused on existing clients and referral sources 99.9% of the time in my opinion…. Continue Reading

“Thank You for that Referral – Last Year”

Posted in Marketing Tips

Oops. That note to a referral source might be a bit tardy, but a late “Thank You” is better than no thank you according to Thom Singer on Some Assembly Required, and I agree completely. Further, I’m a big fan of handwritten notes, since they are used so infrequently these days. Especially with email and cell phones,… Continue Reading

Thoughts on Client Referrals

Posted in Marketing Tips

After getting more work or referrals from clients, the next best source of new business is from referrals from other sources. Many of the same types of business development activities you undertake for clients are effective for referral sources as well. They include: visiting their offices, seeking feedback, sending them clients, sending information of interest and newsletters, etc…. Continue Reading

Guarantee Client Referrals With Good Client Relations

Posted in Marketing Tips

Every law firm should know by now that the best sources of new business are existing clients (in the form of new work or referrals) and other referral sources. Often called word of mouth marketing. Miriam Lawrence at Automatic Referrals has a recent post where she advises financial professionals on how to get referrals in what… Continue Reading

Time to Mine Your Rolodex for Referral Sources

Posted in Marketing Tips

Whatever form your rolodex takes, it is time to not only review it for the names of contacts you want to remember during the holidays, but also to work on your referral system. As we approach year-end, it’s a good time to ensure your business development is on track for 2008. Since referrals (also called word-of-mouth… Continue Reading