Who owns your vision? Sounds like a rhetorical question. If it’s your vision… of course it’s you! But let me tell you that is not always the case. Three times in as many days I have worked with clients who have given up ownership of their own vision. How could that be you might ask?

What is it that you want? You say you want it… but do you really? Are you committed? Or are you just giving your commitment lip service? I’m talking about the kind of commitment that you feel to your core. Here is a relevant quote by Goethe to make you think. It’s the power of

Results! Let’s face it… why take on a business development initiative if it doesn’t produce results? What’s the point? Results include everything that gets you close to: increased visibility, increased credibility and increased business development. These are the bricks that create a solid foundation for your practice to grow.

It is my privilege to work

I can’t tell you how many lawyers tell me that they would like to work on business development… but they don’t have time. I don’t buy it! When they say they don’t have time, what they are really saying is they don’t have the commitment. And they are saying they don’t have time… without knowing