Imagine getting a firm of more than 60 lawyers in a room and seeing them all agree on something… anything! Even agreement on the weather would be tough, wouldn’t you say?  

Well, this weekend I witnessed an agreement on something that certainly has more impact to their firm then the weather. It was a firm retreat and 100% in attendance agreed that business development should be a priority and not only that… 100% committed to contribute to that effort in some way… big or small… new school or old school… high tech or no tech! That is extraordinary in any organization but particularly in a law firm.

Now… I am not so naive as to think that a commitment during a weekend at a lovely resort is going to result in double digit increases in revenue. But… let the games begin! And make no mistake… the firm culture is shifting. There are business development conversations going on in many areas of the firm. How so? 

1. Industry groups were already in place and this weekend ideas for 12 more were suggested and will be explored. When you can focus on an industry… you are more relevant, you speak their language AND you understand their pain.

2. 82% committed to writing articles, blog posts or books. Building credibility and visibility… is what builds a book of business.

3. 85% committed to look at their bios and make them a stronger marketing tool for the kind of work they are interested in doing. NOT just a resume… but a true marketing tool.

4. 62% agreed to step up their leadership in the organizations they are members of or want to be members of. Being a member of an organization is just warming a seat… leadership is making a difference.

All this started with a board that made a commitment to business development and made it the sole focus of the retreat. The retreat committee organized it in a way that kept it on message.

Results? It will not be easy by any stretch of the imagination… it will take focus and following through on what they committed to doing. And my commitment is to help them… do just that!