Results! Let’s face it… why take on a business development initiative if it doesn’t produce results? What’s the point? Results include everything that gets you close to: increased visibility, increased credibility and increased business development. These are the bricks that create a solid foundation for your practice to grow.

It is my privilege to work with smart, committed lawyers… the key word here is COMMITTED. These lawyers have produced results because they are committed to growing their practice. Business development is not just something they do occasionally. They work on it every day, every week, every month. And we meet once or twice a month to monitor their progress, address issues and uncover new opportunities. I would like to share a few of the results that my clients have produced in 2011…

1. Doubled her revenue over the previous year (and plans to double it again in 2012.)

2. Became comfortable with blogging; found their blogging voice, followed through on their commitment to a schedule AND generated business.

3. Found passion in a new area of the law and is developing their practice around it.

4. Was recognized by his firm to be one of the firm leaders in his practice area.

5. Appeared on TV talk and news programs more than 6 times this year.

6. This lawyer stopped saying "I’m not good at networking!" Now realizes that she is GREAT at developing one-on-one relationships. She no longer dreads it but gets excited to have lunch with a referral source.

7. Was elected President of a local bar association… we created a plan and focused on winning.

8. Turned a casual agreement to have a conference call with a major player in a major out-of-town organization into a face-to-face meeting. Flying to Washington D.C. resulted in a deeper relationship that could not have been possible on a conference call.

9. Placed an article with a bar publication and positioned herself as "easy to work with, reliable and fast". Now she’s writing a regular column.

10. Named a "Lawyer To Watch In 2012."

11. Reached the 1st page of Google when one searches terms associated with their practice area.

12. Several small firms have forged relationships with other like-minded firms for the purposes of business development. Work is now flowing.

13. Made a firm commitment to business development… EVERYONE contributes in his or her way. Yes, EVERYONE from receptionist to managing partner.

These results could be YOURS! Commit to doing something every single day. Stay focused. Find your mentor, accountability partner or give me a call. In 2012 what do you want to achieve?