I work a lot with lawyers who are building a team or wanting to be part of a team. So when I read Seth Godin’s blog post I thought… “But of course!” He writes…

The easiest way to get people to do what you want them to do… is to start with people who want what you want.

Identify, organize and excite people who are already predisposed to achieve what you had in mind and you’re much more likely to have the outcome you seek.

Today I worked with an associate who told me that he volunteered to assist his managing partner with a Pro Bono trial. The managing partner offered this opportunity to all the associates, but it turns out that my client was the only one that took him up on the offer. The managing partner shared the fact that he was disappointed that my client was the only one interested in the opportunity. My client responded with “Anytime you want to take on a trial… count me in.” 

I think this is exactly what Seth was referring to… this associate and the managing partner want the same thing. They are trial attorneys that love being in the courtroom and giving back to the community.

We should all look to surround ourselves with people who want what we want. I believe life would be much easier… don’t you?