The question we are considering this week is: Are you focused on asking questions?


  1. I never ask questions. – 20%
  2. I ask questions when I remember to. – 0%
  3. I have a list of questions in my head that I ask. – 80%
  4. I have a list written down that I take to every business development meeting. – 0%

Thanks to everyone who participated in this week’s poll…

My Thoughts – A clear split…  80% of you are actively getting clients to talk, and you have the questions in your head. It takes just a few seconds to THINK about questions before you go into a meeting, so why are 20% of you not bothering to do it? Quite frankly most people LOVE to talk about themselves, it’s an easy conversation to get started.

Doug Waldorf  from Henderson, Franklin, Starnes & Holt thinks about it this way…

Ask questions and remember to listen more then you talk. Ask clients about industry trends, the impacts of political and regulatory changes and other matters relating to their business. Everyone likes to share their opinions and be heard, so ask and then follow-up. Show your interest!

Black Pearl – A little something to think about: Scott Gibson, the managing partner at Gibson, Ferrin & Riggs writes a blog titled BiziBoom. I ran across his post Think Like a Client – Cold, Warm, Hot where he explores the value of listening to your prospect. He received a comment from Gerry Riskin, who adds an interesting perspective… check it out.