When it comes to referral sources, sometimes the best resources are right at hand. Whether it be existing or former clients, if you’ve done a great job they’re more than likely to refer you business. A similar formula exists with your peers. If you’ve expressed appreciation for the business sent (and even sent business back)

Now that you’ve decided to write a 2010 marketing and business development plan,( I did convince you last week… didn’t I?) the question becomes where and how to start? First think about your personal brand; that is your vision for your practice, your expertise, your experience and your strengths. Every great brand has an

The time has come to start thinking about creating your 2010 marketing and business development plan. Didn’t have one in 2009 (or in 2008 for that matter!)? It doesn’t matter. 2010 is the year to start.

The world has changed and it is essential to figure out where you’re going and what you need to

The more you know about your client and their business the more you are able to help them in ways that neither of you can see if you don’t. I’m NOT talking about their legal matter, I’m talking about the operation of their business, their customers, their strategy and business plans. As well as personnel

Welcome! Today I start my first blog… it reminds me a little bit of the first day of school… I hope all my friends are here and am looking forward to meeting new ones.

With this new forum I would like to open a conversation on… you guessed it… marketing, branding and business development, as