Welcome back! I hope you had a great holiday and took some quality time out to connect with friends and family. As you know relationships are at the heart of business development and great client service is really about connecting with people. Strong relationships can not only spark more business from the client, but encourage them to refer friends and colleagues as well. From how you answer the phone to how often you communicate, every interaction is a form of client service. Take a few minutes to truly evaluate your client service and think about where you could improve. It’s one of the fastest and easiest ways to experience results from your daily marketing and business development efforts.

Think of it like James R. Courie, from McAngus Goudelock & Courie, LLC...

It’s all about personal relationships. Get to know your clients, their employees, their children and family. Remember birthdays and special occasions. Start every conversation with a minute or two about family, sports, etc. People enjoy doing business with people they like and trust.

Question of the Week: What aspect of your client service could you improve on?

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