When it comes to referral sources, sometimes the best resources are right at hand. Whether it be existing or former clients, if you’ve done a great job they’re more than likely to refer you business. A similar formula exists with your peers. If you’ve expressed appreciation for the business sent (and even sent business back) you can be sure they’ll remember you when a client or friend comes looking for help.

The first step in creating a plan to build and nurture your referral base is to understand where most of your referrals are actually coming from. Once you can clearly see that list, you’ll be better able to create strategies to maximize those relationships.

Consider this advice from Marrero Bozorgi’s Susan Bozorgi:

“Realize that your friends are the cornerstone to your marketing plan; ask for their help and resources. Maintaining friendships is one of the most important things you can do to grow your business.”


The Question of the Week is:

Where are your referrals coming from?(survey)