The more you know about your client and their business the more you are able to help them in ways that neither of you can see if you don’t. I’m NOT talking about their legal matter, I’m talking about the operation of their business, their customers, their strategy and business plans. As well as personnel issues: how many kids do they have, where do they go to school, what do they like to do in their spare time? And the by-product is a stronger relationship and increased business.

This is a universal issue. No matter what city on the globe you do business… connecting is human nature.  John Strachan from Paull & Williamsons in Scotland points out…

Focus on your potential clients’ business. Don’t just read off a list of services that your firm can provide or a description of the size, make-up and location of your firm. That will generally be a turn-off for potential clients. Focus on listening to the person and learning about the client’s business, then talk about how your firm’s services can be tailored to meet their specific business needs and requirements.

Getting people to talk about themselves and then listening is an ART. Some people are so smooth and interested that the other person doesn’t feel interrogated. The reward is that you have gathered the information you need to position yourself  as a solution to their needs. 

Asking is critical, so do you ask and more importantly HOW do you ask? Please take TWO SECONDS to answer this poll question, I will close the polling Wednesday at 5pm EST. and on Thursday I will post the results.
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