People may not hire you off of the Internet, but you can be sure they’ll Google you! Take a few minutes right now to Google your name and see what comes up. If you’re like me and have a common name, you may own 10 to 20 percent of the first page of Google. It doesn’t have to stay that way… if you focus on your Internet presence.

I have written an E-Book, "Be A Celebrity In Your Own World" that clearly outlines the strategies needed to up your visibility AND your ranking on Google. And trust me, it works… I have tested the ideas and steps myself. When I began on my own journey I held claim to only 20% of the links on the first page of a "Paula Black" Google search. Today I can claim 90%, due to the strategies outlined in my E-Book, and it only took less than 6 months. I’ll share more of this on Thursday. But first… Do you own your name on Google? Let’s see…

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