Find a niche… easier said than done, right?

Usually when I mention finding a niche, most lawyers’ push back. They generally explain how they don’t want to miss this kind of case or that kind of case. Their practice areas list looks like that of a firm of 10 lawyers. How can you possibly market such a list? How can potential clients and referring attorneys remember what you do? Will they think of you when any of those practice areas are mentioned? Probably not!  If your list is a practice group with a long list of sub practice areas… that works. However if your list is: criminal defense, real estate closings and business transactions… that’s another story.Continue Reading Legal Business Development: Find A Niche

Courage. Sometimes we have to step out of our comfort zone. I tell lawyers all the time… Narrow your focus… find a niche. It allows you to speak directly to your audience in their language and  it positions you as the go to expert in that area. Now, that doesn’t mean it is your only

Yes, I know…a lawyer. But today let’s think about who you really want to be in 2011? Truly define it. Do you want to focus your practice on a certain niche? Do you want to be “the small-banking go-to lawyer,” the “aviation law expert for the Northwest,” the “Georgia divorce expert?” Where do you want

Bringing your personal brand to the forefront and mixing it with what your target market wants to know makes for a clear, concise blog personality.

This week we asked: Do you have a clear vision for your blog or potential blog?

1. Yes, my vision is clear – 0%

2. Maybe, I have a few

You can never be all things to all people. It’s important to recognize your target market and make THEM your focus.

This week we asked: My target market:

1. Is abundantly clear – 53%

2. Is somewhat clear – 47%

3. Is not clear to me at all – 0%

My Thoughts: It’s great