Bringing your personal brand to the forefront and mixing it with what your target market wants to know makes for a clear, concise blog personality.

This week we asked: Do you have a clear vision for your blog or potential blog?

1. Yes, my vision is clear – 0%

2. Maybe, I have a few ideas – 68%

3. No, I have no idea where to begin – 32%

My Thoughts: It seems that most of you have at least an idea of where you’re headed with your blog and 32% of you don’t know where to begin. I’ll shed a bit of light.

I often speak about staying true to your personal brand, and blogging is one of those areas where it becomes even MORE important. You want readers to get an instant sense of who you are, what you do and what makes you stand out. Once you have that straight, move on to your target audience. A copywriter that I work with says she often pictures writing to a specific person… do the same with your blog. Who are you writing to? Other lawyers? Potential clients? A specialized industry? It will help you become clear on what your blog needs to cover and how you can position your voice and your advice or opinion in the best light.

Finally, think about theme. Find a way to differentiate your blog from others out there that are similar. Mine places it’s focus on simple, straightforward legal marketing and business development advice that can be applied to everyday life and is formatted in a very specific pattern (question, poll, answer and discussion). Are you passionate about a certain topic within the law? Blog about that. Have special insight into city-specific rulings or legislation? Blog about that. Does your legal knowledge translate well into a long-term newsworthy topic (such as local real estate, celebrity divorces, or travel issues)? Turn it into a blog. Just be sure to choose something that interests both you and your target audience and do it in a voice that stays true to your personal brand.

As my colleague Carolyn Elefant of says:

In addition to staying on top of news streams, put yourself in a client’s shoes.  If you were a prospective client searching for a [bankruptcy or immigration or family or special education or fill-in-the-blank] lawyer, what kinds of questions would you have?  What information would you want to know?  And what would you hope to learn about your lawyer?

Black Pearl: For great examples of interesting and focused blogs look no further than the blogroll at right. Click through and you’ll get a good idea of focus and content. A few of my favorites:,,,, and