Yes, I know…a lawyer. But today let’s think about who you really want to be in 2011? Truly define it. Do you want to focus your practice on a certain niche? Do you want to be “the small-banking go-to lawyer,” the “aviation law expert for the Northwest,” the “Georgia divorce expert?” Where do you want to steer your business and what type of client do you want to attract? It may sound silly, but just writing down the kind of clients you want to walk through your door can help you see opportunity when it presents itself.

Quick example: In October of 2009 I sat at my desk and wrote down a goal. I wanted to get one non-lawyer coaching client in 2010. Then I put the thought away. Fast-forward to January 2010 and an old client happened to call me up and ask for my help in branding his new (non-legal) company. Had I not written down that goal I would have taken the business, been happy to hear from an old friend and moved on. But a light went on and I took him to lunch, pitching my services as a marketing coach. He became my first non-lawyer coaching client. Write it down.

Black Pearl: Think outside of the box when re-thinking your strategy. Cordell Parvin recently found 10 core values after reading Zappos’ founder Tony Hsieh’s book "Delivering Happiness: A Path to Profits, Passion, and Purpose."