Lately I have been writing about finding a niche and a colleague of mine, Cordell Parvin, shared a story from one of the clients he coaches. He shared how Alison Rowe found her niche… when Cordell asked her what was she passionate about, she asked him not to laugh. Her passion is horses and she wanted to be an "equine lawyer." Well he didn’t laugh, (I imagine he cheered) and encouraged her to follow her passion. 

Here are the steps Alison went through to follow her dream.

1. Met with other lawyers who were already practicing equine law.

2. Subscribed to trade publications.

3. Researched the law.

4. Joined trade organizations.

5. When to events and conferences.

6. Offered to speak and write articles.

Today she has two blogs: The Equine Law Blog and  TxEquineLawyer FAQ’s and promotes herself as a equine lawyer that handles 100% horse related cases.

Now… that is a niche! She had a dream and followed her passion. What could your niche be? The steps are simple… the commitment needs to be unwavering.

Black Pearl: To read Alison’s entire story, go to Cordell’s blog and in the center of the page you will find "The Practical Lawyer" Latest Articles. Get inspired!