When it comes to business development what comes first credibility or visibility?  It’s a bit like…what comes first… the chicken or the egg

I was coaching a client who has been consistent with her blogging and has been seeing potential clients for consultations. In the past six weeks she’s seen six prospects that can be directly attributed to the blog; she landed two of them, was honest with another and told him that he doesn’t really have a case YET (when other lawyers told him they would start working on the matter), spoke with two others that are raising the money and found that the last one was geographically undesirable. She has also been asked to be part of a panel discussion for an ABA meeting. I would say those are great results in record time!

She was a bit skeptical when I suggested she write a blog but now she has seen the power it can have. She was easy to find because her blog is very specialized… hence it comes up on Google searches. The potential clients have had the opportunity to understand her expertise because they have read her blog. What her blog has done for her is two fold… she gets credibility and visibility all in one.

We talked about what has contributed to her success…

  • She had faith that my advice was sound… even if it was out of her comfort zone.
  • She found a niche and loves it… you have to like the work.
  • She loves writing; so she posts twice a week… you have to blog consistently.
  • She said yes when asked to speak… take advantage of every opportunity.

Landing the prospect takes focus...

  • She is extremely prepared when the potential clients come in for the consultation… a consultation is REALLY marketing at your best.

How can you connect with the prospect in a way that you establish TRUST? Everything you do should be in the interest of the client even if that means there isn’t work for you at this time. When you do the right thing they will tell their friends and colleagues what a trust worthy lawyer you are… THAT my friend is credibility and is worth more in the future than a case you create today.

Black Pearl: Relationships Are Everything! Is a book by my colleague Mark Maraia, it’s a great read that is full of pearls of wisdom. And YES… relationships ARE everything!