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Marketing Success in 4 Words

Posted in Marketing Tips

Make it your lifestyle. That’s it.  Simple, huh? It is according to Larry Smith and Richard Levick of Levick Strategic Communications in their 365 Marketing Meditations: Daily Lessons For Marketing & Communications Professionals.  Their meditation for Wednesday of this week consists of just four words: “Marketing is a lifestyle”. For many lawyers that would mean… Continue Reading

Do You Fail To Communicate Well?

Posted in Client Communications, Marketing Tips

One of my absolute favorite movies of all time is Cool Hand Luke starring Paul Newman and George Kennedy. A favorite line from that classic was spoken by the captain of the prison camp (played by Strother Martin) after Newman’s (Luke’s) umpteenth failed attempt at escape and subsequent punishment. His said “what we have here… Continue Reading

Relationship Building During The Holidays

Posted in Marketing Tips

  Due to a death in the family, I’ll be doing encore posts for the next couple of weeks that some of you may not have seen from earlier years.   November 20, 2007 Posted By Tom Kane  Comments / Questions (1) Build On Your Relationships During The Holidays With the holidays fast approaching, don’t miss out… Continue Reading

Do Your Clients Value Your Services?

Posted in Marketing Tips

Doing a good job for your clients, keeping them informed, not overlawyering or overbilling, treating them with respect, and visiting your clients off the clock are just a few of the ways you can bring value to your client relationships. Jim Durham, formerly CMO at Ropes & Gray in Boston, spoke to the Delaware Valley… Continue Reading

Food For Thought on Surviving the Current Downturn

Posted in Marketing Tips

Now is not the time to panic. Panic can take several forms in today’s economic climate; most notably in the firing of lawyers and staff, hounding clients for payment (not smart marketing for the long term), and cutting costs excessively. That is part of the message garnered by LawPRO magazine from a panel of knowledgeable… Continue Reading