In this post, we’re covering the third of the four laws of content marketing. (If you missed the first and second laws, go back and check those out!)

The third law is “Shared Success,” and what this primarily means is that there is a relationship between all of your marketing activities and your content. But it also has to do with your relationship with your marketing company if you’re working with one.

But let’s start with your marketing and the shared success between your marketing activities and your content strategy. The thing about content is that it makes all of your other marketing work better. We talk about that more in the first law, which is that content is king. But as a refresher: no matter where somebody comes from, whether it’s a referral, they find you online through an ad, somebody you meet networking, etc., they’re going to eventually, in some way, shape, or form, engage your content. This can be in the form of visiting your website, checking out your social media profiles, hopefully ending up on your email list where they get some sort of correspondence like a newsletter. So no matter where somebody comes from in your marketing or your networking activities, there is a relationship.

The more that you do from a marketing standpoint, the more value you’re going to get out of your content. So whether you’re doing content for yourself or you’ve hired a marketing company, that’s why it’s so important to understand that your content is only going to go as far as your marketing activities.

It’s really important to understand that marketing activities don’t have to mean that you incur a cost. Networking is a marketing activity. Speaking is a marketing activity. Holding workshops is a marketing activity. And they’re all free. The point is that your website, your videos, your blogs, your newsletters, your podcast, whatever you have — that content is actually all going to enhance your existing marketing and networking efforts and activities. So you have to understand that the more you do in that arena, the further your content is going to go.

The one little side note to all of this is that if you are working with a marketing company, shared success also has to do with your communication. The more timely you are with your approvals, then the content gets out in a more timely fashion.

The more you practically communicate with your marketing company, such as targeting more types of a specific kind of case, then your content company can be creating more content around that type of case or that kind of ideal client. So letting your marketing company know in a timely fashion when there are approvals, when you have a theme you want to focus on, or you want more of a certain kind of case, they can create content around that.

That creates synergy with the rest of your marketing. So ultimately, success is shared both in your communication with your marketing company, but also in the idea that all of your marketing activity actually makes your content go further and you get more ROI from your content because it’s the ultimate enhancer to all of your marketing activities.