In our last post, we shared the first of four laws of content marketing, which is that Content is King. This post will cover the second law of content marketing, which is to focus on people, not search engines. What that means is this idea that we’re so overly focused on search engines, and not just legal marketing right now, but marketing in general.

When it comes to search engines, and you actually think about it, not everyone can succeed. When you compare the number of lawyers that do what you do to the number of spots available on the first page of Google, the math simply doesn’t work. However, our industry makes it out to be this Holy Grail that everyone should be chasing.

But here’s the thing: Sure, search engines do matter. A lot of people can have success there, but more fail than succeed. So the thing is to focus your content on people and not search engines because when you focus your content on search engines, you ended up creating content for robots rather than content that connects with people.

Additionally, more often than not, you won’t actually get the search engine traction that you want to. So when you’re creating your content, it makes a lot more sense to focus on people and writing your content for people and not search engines. We talk about this a lot at Spotlight Branding and the one thing we want you to understand is that content will absolutely assist any SEO efforts you’re doing, but typically SEO should not be the primary aim of a content strategy. Connecting with people should be the aim.