It’s called publicity. When you or your firm gets mentioned in the media, and better if you are quoted, it’s instant credibility. And it’s FREE (unless you hire a PR agency to help)

Regular advertising is less effective IMHO because you are writing the copy and, of course, it is self-serving. Further it costs you

Don’t be a snob, and all PR needs to be personal.

That’s it.

Okay, maybe a bit more detail is warranted. The first tip: don’t treat a reporter from an unfamiliar publication as someone to shun, since you may regret it one day when he or she is with a major newspaper.  That comes from

Developing relationships with reporters and editors is a worthwhile goal for lawyers. Your purpose is obvious. By getting to know media contacts (general, business and legal), they are more likely to call you when they need a lawyer’s perspective; and there is no better way to be seen as an expert than by being quoted

The reason public relations is so much more effective than advertising is because of the credibility factor. What is said in an ad, which you pay for, is controlled by you, whereas what is said about you (hopefully in a favorable light) in the media by an independent third party is free advertising for you

Some lawyers not trained in business still miss the distinction between various terms used in conjunction with the general term “marketing.” Marketing is a process not an activity. It consists of many things that together make up marketing – including public relations and advertising, which simply put are tools of marketing.

The main difference between

Law firms have asked me whether they should undertake an advertising or public relations campaign. My response can be both or neither. The reason is that until a firm has done the basics involving strategic marketing planning, either or both could be a total waste of money.

If a firm doesn’t know where it wants to end