The Internet..There are positives and negatives. There are do’s and don’t. One thing for sure is EVERYTHING you put on the Internet is public and will be there FOREVER.

What should govern our decisions? It’s simple… common sense and the principles our mothers taught us… 

  • Never put in writing what you wouldn’t want

In the past year I can truly say I’ve seen an incredible interest from my clients in the area of blogging.  Even my most internet-skeptical attorneys are venturing into this new arena (well, new to them!) and exploring the possibilities that come from expanding their brand online.  So what makes a great blog?  One word:

It should be no secret that web site content continues to be king for purposes of search engines. Keywords, title tags, etc. are just additional jewels on the crown. So, keeping your web site fresh in terms of new content, fresh tags and keywords is important.

Further, according to SEO expert Tom O’Leary at The