It should be no secret that web site content continues to be king for purposes of search engines. Keywords, title tags, etc. are just additional jewels on the crown. So, keeping your web site fresh in terms of new content, fresh tags and keywords is important.

Further, according to SEO expert Tom O’Leary at The Attorney Marketing Blog in a post today, smaller firms have an advantage over BigLaw when it comes to search engines. It isn’t that they couldn’t overpower the smaller firms with their extra people power, it’s just that they don’t.

According to Tom, solo’s and small firms dominate search engine results in various markets and categories. He says it has something to do with BigLaw’s “complex, database-driven web sites,” which are not search engine friendly, managed by outside vendors without SEO experts, and burdened by fear of change due to their “huge investment” in their current site. And, too few large firms have blogs (although individual lawyers in some of these firms have very good ones), which search engines do like.

Tom’s advice to smaller firms: “keep adding content and posting to your blog.” This will give you a competitive advantage when it comes to Internet marketing.