I believe the key to success in business development is to do something every single day… create a habit. As some of you may know, I wrote a book on the subject, The Little Black Book: A Lawyer’s Guide To Creating A Marketing Habit In 21 Days. When you plant seeds day after day… day after day, things start to happen. You get to a critical mass in addition to creating a habit that allows you to do things in an automatic way. It is a powerful process because things start to develop and grow in clusters. One call or conversation can lead to several contacts. Here are several principles to keep in mind as you work towards your business development goals that may seem “impossible” today:

1. Do something every single day. There are 365 days in a year, you may say… “But I don’t work every day!” But you can think everyday, can’t you? I include the weekends because I think you can take a few moments while you are sipping your morning coffee to THINK. Think about whom you might reach out to or an article you might write. While you are reading the Sunday paper, if you are looking for it there will be an idea or two that will inspire you.

2. Make a long, long list of possible actions you can take to develop business on a daily basis. Keeping a list of ideas will ensure that you will never lose momentum. Be creative and think outside the box. Write down things that might feel uncomfortable, for instance, write a book.

3. Look at your list everyday. Some days certain things will call to you and others will be reserved for later. Or you will find the things that make sense to follow other initiatives. It is your frame of mind that will make this a game and not a chore.

4. Make this a priority. Make it a rule not to leave the office until you have done something. And it will become a habit.

5. Do this with a colleague, friend or family member. Sharing your journey helps to keep you motivated. Checking in with your colleague keeps you accountable to yourself and your colleague.

You will be astounded by what you can accomplish if you stay focused. I think 5 minutes here and 30 minutes there will add up in a way that you can’t imagine. I have written 4 books and two blog posts every week. If years ago someone had told me that I would do this I would have said… “That’s impossible!” I assure you that it is quite possible. Just… Do something every single day!