Last week I read a blog post by Seth Godin that has been on my mind for days. It’s sort of like that song you can’t get out of your head. Why? Well… first here is what Seth wrote…

"Dancing faster then ever, but why?

I just read a relentlessly snarky profile of the brilliant chef Charlie Trotter. Charlie is one of the pioneers of modern cooking, a gracious host and a perfectionist as well.

The Times is disappointed that he hasn’t opened chains of restaurants, made a fool of himself on reality TV or decamped to a more expensive building in Chicago. All he’s done, it seems, is mentor an entire generation of chefs, consistently create amazing meals and also donate once-in-a-lifetime, multi-course dinners for rising high school students in Chicago (150 times a year).

There will always be someone telling you that you’re not hip enough, famous enough, edgy enough or whatever enough. That’s their agenda. What’s yours?

Shun the non-believers."

Seth’s comments got me thinking. How many times have you minimized your accomplishments because someone made a comment about what they thought you should do… making you question your path? I would guess that it has happened more than once. Having a plan and a vision for where you are headed will insulate you from what Seth calls the "non-believers". 

There are a million and one paths to follow when it comes to marketing and business development… find yours and stick with it.