IDEAS. Some are great—they found the New World and they put a man on the moon. Some are not so great—they came up with the New Coke and Chia Pets. But I do know one thing for sure, without an idea you can’t get too far. So, I want to share five posts from the archives of our 17 years of blogging. They are filled with lots of ideas. Read them with an open-mind, they just might spark an idea or two that could help you with business development, marketing and growing your practice. What will hold you back? As author Richie Norton for Entrepreneur magazine said…

We’re scared of failure. Scared of falling behind. Scared of being foolish. Scared of looking stupid.

There are many reasons we hold back when trying ideas. Don’t let Norton’s reasons be yours. Explore these article for ideas that could apply to your practice today.

  1. Legal Business Development: Top Six Marketing Tips. Are you having marketing meetings? Talk is cheap. Buy-in and action is key.
  2. Marketing Success in 4 Words: Make it your lifestyle. That’s it.  Simple, huh?
  3. Legal Business Development: Do Something Every Single Day. This has been my mantra for many years. Why, because it’s much easier to commit to small tasks.
  4. Does Your Law Firm Marketing Keep the Wrong Clients Away? Everyone knows that the purpose of marketing your law practice is bringing in new clients… right?
  5. How the Right Content Strategy Will Help You Raise Your Rates. Are you struggling to charge what you deserve? Raising your rates can be tricky, and right now, it might seem particularly tough or even insensitive to consider.