Whatever your interests outside of the law office, there are marketing and business development lessons to be learned everywhere. So keep your eyes and ears open…as well as your mind.

This week we asked: Have you ever taken and adapted marketing advice from another industry?

1) Yes. – 45%

2) No. – 55%

My Thoughts: Only 45% of you have taken and adapted marketing advice from other industries. Time to think outside your world! As I mentioned on Tuesday, The Gap logo debacle really got me thinking about how marketing and business development rules are truly immune to industry. The Gap’s plight was covered by media outlets and bloggers from the worlds of fashion, news, business, advertising, branding, and more. Then, on the heels of that news I came across a fabulous post relating marketing lessons to a rock-and-roll legend (see the Black Pearl below) and it truly hit home.

So what’s the lesson here? The lesson is that marketing and business development doesn’t have to be a chore. It can incorporate issues and ideas that you find interesting in your everyday life. You just have to keep an open mind.

Something a little different this week… I would love to hear your thoughts on finding marketing inspiration in unusual places. See something great and put it to use? Post your comments below!

Black Pearl: Here’s a great piece entitled “What Bruce Springsteen Can Teach Lawyers about Law Firm Marketing” (click here) via Elizabeth Ferris (read about her here). It has some great advice on how to stay relevant to your clients!