Okay all you rocket scientists out there, you know that “good” is better than “bad.” So, why do some law firms still surprise their clients in bad ways.  By that I mean, fail to meet deadlines, fail to attend to and keep clients informed about their matters (the basis of 80% of grievances filed against

Building on last week’s focus on The Gap and their new (and now scrapped) logo, I started thinking about how many marketing and business development lessons we can learn from companies that exist outside of our own industry. Because my focus is squarely on marketing on a daily basis, I have the advantage of pulling

When it comes to law firm marketing and business development your best efforts are only as strong as your brand. Your brand is what the world recognizes (or will come to recognize) when they think of your firm: its visual identity, its message, its voice. From website to letterhead your brand is the first