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Is Your Firm A Milky Way or Snickers Bar?

Posted in Marketing Tips

And which do your clients prefer? Can your clients or prospective clients determine which you are? Do they care? Merrilyn Astin Tarlton has an entertaining piece on Attorney at Work that talks about clients being like kids in a candy store. If all candy looked and tasted alike, like law firms, how is a poor… Continue Reading

Don’t Dilute Your Niche In a Down Economy

Posted in Marketing Tips

It is very tempting to take whatever legal business comes over the transom in a down economy. Heck, if the firm’s normal business is slow, some lawyers might be tempted to take whatever work comes along. Wrong! It is the worst time to start diluting your brand. Better to crank up the marketing to get… Continue Reading

Secrets to Small Firms’ Successes

Posted in Marketing Tips

Well, “secrets” may be a bit strong, since what makes small to medium size law firms successful isn’t exactly rocket science. Prosperous smaller firms have very successful lawyers who never practiced in BigLaw, as well as those who did, but left because they no longer cared for the environment or life style in larger firms. So,… Continue Reading

Four Laws for Successful Lawyer Marketing – IV

Posted in Marketing Tips

Over the past week I have been covering four laws that can help you become the leading lawyer in your field. The series was inspired by Trey Ryder’s  newsletter where he wrote about the laws based on Positioning: The Battle for Your Mind by Al Ries and Jack Trout. The previous three posts addressed:  The Law… Continue Reading