This is a similar theme to my post last week about not abandoning your niche in a down economy. It is related in the sense that by turning down work that you do not want, don’t usually handled, and is outside your niche is the right move – at any time – but especially now.

Fellow blogger Bruce Allen over at Marketing Catalyst in a post a couple of days ago makes the point that your marketing can be more profitable in the long run by turning down work that is:

  • Less profitable and desirable
  • Distracts you from spending time with your best clients
  • Causes you to procrastinate and not put forth your best effort
  • Resulting in creating your own “negative referral network”

He sums it up best:

“Even when we feel the desire to panic our best action is to focus even harder on what we do best and turn down anything and everything outside that envelope. That is where profit lives and our success is ensured.”

Makes pretty good sense to me.