Can’t imagine anyone arguing with the statement that lawyers are happiest when they are doing the work they enjoy for clients they like. Although I have covered this topic more than a half-dozen times, it is worth mentioning again. Especially when you run across a succinct article that emphasizes the point so well.

Chuck Newton’s Ride The Third Wave blog has such an article about chasing cases and clients you don’t want. His point is that when you are working on cases you dislike, you’re missing opportunities to develop the business you do. Your attention is diverted, and you won’t do as well taking those “skanky cases” (I was sure he made the word "skanky" up, but lo and behold, one definition of it is “arousing aversion” which pretty much sums it up). He concludes:

“It is really a self-fulfilling prophesy.  You chase the other cases and clients because you are worried about not succeeding with the cases and clients you want, and as a result you do not succeed because you have diverted your attention and divided your efforts.


“So, stay focused. Niche it.”

Thanks, Chuck.